Group Camping Permits

The Salt Lake Field Office requires different types of recreation permits based on type and location of activity, size of group, and if the activity/event is commercial and/or competitive.  Only one permit is required for any given activity/event (other authorizations may be required  based on your proposal, ie: commercial filming).  Requirements for each type of permit are as follows:

Large Group Camping Use Authorization.  Large Group Use Permits (LGUP’s) are required for organized group camping activities that do not take place in a developed fee area, are not commercial or competitive, have more than 25 participants and/or more than 8 vehicles.  Issuance of this permit allows for Large Group Use activities at nine specific large group camping locations (see LGUP map).  This permit authorizes you to use public lands for dispersed, undeveloped camping activities (no BLM recreation facilities or developments).  To obtain a LGUP, select one of the seven large group camping locations, complete the Large Group Notification and Use Agreement, and return to the SLFO at the address listed below 10 days before proposed use date.  Upon receipt of the completed LGUP, the BLM will review, authorize, and return a copy to you.   NOTE:  Some conditions may require the BLM to deny your permit application or redirect you to a different location, ie: fire danger, extreme draught conditions, etc.  When conducting or participating in camping activities under a LGUP, you must agree to and comply with LGUP Conditions of Use (found on back of permit).  There is no fee for a LGCP. Issuance of a LGCP does not reserve sites or grant your group exclusive use of an area.  All sites under this permit are available on a first come/first serve basis.  

Special Recreation Permits (SRP’s) are required for commercial recreation operations, competitive events and activities, and for organized group activities that require special management or monitoring (exclusive of those organized group camping activities which fall under a Group Camping Use Authorization).

Tread Lightly

Mail or fax completed permit applications to:

Salt Lake Field Office
Attention: Recreation Staff
2370 South Decker Lake Blvd
West Valley City, UT 84119

FAX: (801) 977-4397

To aid in the management of the public lands, we ask that you follow proper land use etiquette such as Tread Lightly! and Leave No Trace.  A few examples of these principles are the proper disposal of human waste, packing out litter, and ensuring any livestock feed used or transported across public lands is certified weed-free.