Salt Flats Research

The Bureau of Land Management, Reilly Industries, Inc. (1991 to 2004), Intrepid Wendover Potash, LLC (2004 to present), and the Bonneville racing community (represented by the "Save the Salt" foundation) are concerned about potential deterioration of the Bonneville Salt Flats, and through cooperative agreements are attempting to replenish salt to the Salt Flats via the Salt Laydown Project.

Over the winter, Intrepid produces high quality brine in its holding ponds by mixing water with the sodium chloride or salt that is left as a by-product of the potash mining operation at Bonneville. When the brine has reached an optimum concentration in early spring, it is pumped to the north side of Interstate 80 via canals and discharged onto the southern section of the Bonneville Salt Flats near the access road. When temperatures rise in late spring and the salt flats begin to dry out, this salt laydown brine is added to the natural salt crust layers at Bonneville.

Bonneville Salt Flats History & Geology

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Physical Scientist Bill White studying the salt flats

Pumping brine onto the salt flats