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Land Use Plans
The Salt Lake Field Office (SLFO) is governed by 5 Land Use Plans (LUPs): Randolph Management Framework Plan (MFP) (1980), Box Elder Resource Managment Plan (RMP) (1986), Pony Express RMP (1990), Park City MFP (1975), and Isolated-Tract Planning Analysis Evaluation (1985).  All of these land use plans have been amended at least twice (e.g. acquired lands & fire management). 
Current Land Use Plan Amendment Projects:
  • Rangeland Health Randolph MFP Amendment
  • Mona to Oquirrh Transmission Line
  • Utah Nevada Pipeline (UNEV)
  • Energy Transport Corridor Designations in 11 Western States

Activity Plans:

  • Normal Fire Year Rehabilitation Plan and Emergency Fire Rehabilitation (2010)
  • Randolph Habitat Management Plan (1982)
  • Donner Creek/Bettridge Creek ACEC Management Plan (1987)
  • Laketown Canyon ACEC Management Plan (1988)
  • Recreation Area Management Plan Bonneville Salt Flats (1985)
  • Central Pacific Railroad Grade ACEC Management Plan (1988)
  • Crawford Mountains Habitat Management Plan (1986)
  • Horseshoe Springs Habitat Management Plan (1992)
  • EAR Randolph Planning Unit Off-Road Vehicle Designations (1980)
  • Final Tooele Grazing EIS (1983)
  • Tooele Planning Area Multiple Use Management Decisions (1984)
  • Planning Area Analysis Randolph Planning Unit (1978)
  • Randolph Planning Unit Grazing Management Environmental Statement Final (1980)
  • Threatened and Endangered Species Habitat Management Plan (1990)
  • Deep Creek Habitat Management Plan (1981)

Land Use Plans

  • Box Elder Resource Management Plan (1986)
  • Pony Express Resource Management Plan (1990)
  • Park City Management Framework Plan (1975)
  • Randolph Management Framework Plan (1980)
  • Isolated Tracts Planning Analysis (1985)


  • Fire Management Plan (2005)
  • Box Elder Plan Amendment Bear River Resource Area - Aquired Lands (1998)
  • Fire Management Plan (1998)
  • Proposed Pony Express Plan Amendment - North Oquirrh Mountains (1997) 
  • Park City Land Exchange/Plan Amendment (1996)
  • Plan Amendment for Oil and Gas Leasing (Bear River East) (1994)
  • Off-Highway Vehicle Designations (1992)
  • East Woodruff Grazing Allotment Change (1992)

Salt Lake Field Office Map

For additional information contact Cindy Ledbetter at 801.977.4300 or go to the Washington Office BLM's planning overview.

Local planning information is also available through the State of Utah and county governments.