Much of the native habitat in the Salt Lake Field Office (SLFO) has been or is threatened by annual vegetation invasions which effectively expose native range sites to much greater risk of catastrophic wildfire. Weeds of primary concern on public land managed by the SLFO are Cheat grass, Squarrose knapweed, Leafy spurge, Dalmatian toadflax, Black Henbane and various thistle populations. 
We are currently focusing our primary prevention efforts on areas of newly identified areas of infestations. There are other noxious weeds that are on lands within the Field Office area but have not yet spread to public lands. For example, Yellow star thistle, Dyers woad and Medusa head rye. An effort is underway to prevent the spread of these weeds, increased public awareness, public education materials, advertising and our association with partnerships Cooperative Weed Management Areas (CWMAs). Salt Lake Field Office collaborates in 9 CWMAs.
Law mandates that weed control on the SLFO be attempted on all noxious weeds. The first step in the biological-tactical strategy is preventing weeds from getting established, second come efforts aim to eradicate any infestation, and third to contain the spread of an infestation.