Salt Wells Wildlife Habitat Area

Land Use Plan:Box Elder Plan Ammendment 
Acreage: 5,389
Date: 1998
Values: Riparian and wildlife
Management Guidance:Grazing: The livestock grazing season of use would be changed to the winter period if the permittee agrees to the change. If spring grazing continues, the area should be fenced to create pastures for the Salt Wells Allotment. If grazing permits are relinquished within the Salt Wells Wildlife Habitat Area, these areas would be closed to grazing to protect the wetland values. Grazing would be authorized only if grazing could be used to achieve management objectives.

Mineral Development: Oil & gas leasing would be subject to the Category 3 (No Surface Occupancy) stipulation. A land withdrawal from the operation of the public land laws and location and entry under the United States Mining laws is proposed.

Off-Highwav Vehicle: The Salt Wells Wildlife Habitat Area (excluding the county roads) is “closed” to off-highway vehicle use.