Horseshoe Springs

Land Use Plan: Pony Express Record of Decision
Acreage: 760
Date: 1990
Values: Wildlife
Management Guidance:Fluid Mineral Leasing Categories
  • Category 2 (open with special terms or conditions)
  • No surface occupancy or other surface disturbance allowed within 1,200 feet of wetlands.
Land Tenure: Unavailable for ownership adjustment
Livestock Grazing Season-of-Use Livestock: Spring

Off Road Vehicle Designations:

  • Closed April 1 to July 15
  • Limited to within 1,200 feet of wetlands year-round
Special Recreation Management Area: N/A
Visual Resource Management (VRM): Class IV. Class IV VRM areas are areas where contrasts may attract attention and be a dominant feature of the landscape in terms of scale, but should repeat the form, line, color, and texture of the characteristic landscape.
Transportation/Utility Corridors: Avoidance Area
Forest Products: N/A