Bonneville Salt Flats

If you are looking for recreation information about the Bonneville Salt Flats as well as images they can be found here.

Land Use Plan:Pony Express Resource Management Plan
Scenic, historic, and geological
Management Guidance:
Bonneville Salt Flats contain three relevant resources:
  1. The salt’s potential for land speed racing was recognized in 1986 and has become known as the “world’s fastest mile.” Thousands of records have been set here.
  2. Unique vistas are offered by the contrast between the white salt flats and a distant blue horizon broken only by various mountains.
  3. The Bonneville Salt Flats are a unique area, directed by geophysical processes that are highly sensitive to interruption by human activity. The area is estimated to have once covered 96,000 acres of crystalline salt, but presently covers about 30,000 acres.

The unique saline plains of the Bonneville Salt Flats have been intensively managed for the past few decades for high speed automobile testing and racing. Objectives of the resource management plan are to:

  • Preserve the unique visual, historic, and geological resources.
  • Minimize and manage mineral uses and other surface disturbing activities to avoid resource damage.
  • Coordinate management of the Bonneville Salt Flats ACEC with other landowners.
  • Recognize and manage racing and filming activities on the Salt Flats.