East Onaqui Prescribed Fire

WHEN:  Winter 2012-2013
Fire operations may occur over multiple days and with periods of time in between due to weather and personnel considerations.

WHERE:  The east side of the Onaqui Mountains; South of Highway 199; southwest of Rush Valley.

Approximately 254 acres of piles of juniper cuttings will be burned.   This project is part of an ongoing effort to reduce the fire hazards near Rush Valley communities and increase the probability of success during wildfire suppression efforts near homes and private land.  Another benefit is the restoration of the sagebrush ecosystem in the area.

Piles will be burned during winter or spring when adjacent fuel moisture is high and snow or rain will inhibit fire spread outside of the piled materials.  If conditions move beyond this window, the fire will be attempted at another time.

The BLM coordinates immediately prior to all burning with the Utah Division of Air Quality to ensure good dispersal of smoke will occur.  Smoke conditions will be monitored throughout burning.


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