Crew History

The Bonneville IHC was established in 2001 to help fulfill the BLM’s commitment to provide national fire suppression resources.  Since the start, the crew’s objectives have remained the same--to produce a highly motivated, physically fit Interagency Hotshot Crew.

Bonneville’s fire season typically lasts from early May thru early October. The crew spends most of the fire season in the Western US, but has been dispatched to the southeast region and Alaska. In 2007 members of the Bonneville IHC were granted a rare opportunity to travel to Australia as part of a Great Basin Interagency Hotshot Crew.
Past – Nathan Lancaster, Chris Kirby 

Present – Pila Malolo

Assistant Superintendents
Past – Isaac Shinkle, Jarren Flinders, Chris Delaney, Marshall Thompson, Willie Almand, Greg Fryer

Present – Dan Stucki (Acting Assistant Superintendent)

Crew Photo Gallery

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Bonneville IHC 2001

Bonneville IHC 2002




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Bonneville IHC 2008Bonneville IHC 2009Bonneville IHC 2010




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