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     The Bonneville Interagency Hotshot Crew (IHC) is a part of the BLM’s fire suppression organization, and is hosted by the West Desert District Fire Zone.  The crew’s office is located at the West Desert District(WDD) in West Valley City, only minutes from downtown Salt Lake and the Wasatch Front.

     The mission of the Bonneville IHC is to provide land management agencies with a safe, highly skilled and productive wildland fire management resource.  Although the primary mission for the Bonneville IHC is as a national wildland fire resource, it is not unusual for the crew to be involved in local or national prescribed fire projects, or help in national disaster relief efforts such as hurricanes or floods.

     Hotshots typically carry packs that weigh up to 45 pounds and sometimes find themselves hiking rough terrain for several miles before reaching the work site.  Shifts normally last up to 16 hours, but during initial attack can go much longer.  The work can be exhausting at times, pushing some to their physical and mental limits.

     The crew’s season normally runs from the beginning of May through the first of October, but can be extended depending on the severity of the fire season, and the availability of state and national fuels projects.  Individuals can expect to spend most of these months away from the home unit and in travel status.  IHC’s are required to be available for incident dispatch 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the duration of the crew’s availability period.  Each member of the crew is expected to be available, day or night, for every dispatch.  During duty hours the crew is expected to respond immediately and during off duty hours the crew is expected to be assembled and en route within 2 hours.  These responsibilities restrict the personal travel of crewmembers and demand a high level of personal responsibility and commitment to the crew.

     The goal of the Bonneville IHC is to build a highly professional workforce through hard work and training both in the field as well as the classroom.  The Bonneville IHC’s policy is to establish training priorities for all of our employees annually.  All of our employees receive classroom and on the job training.  Bonneville IHC emphasizes the importance that all crew members be knowledgeable enough to make sound decisions on the fireline.


For more information contact:
Pila Malolo - Superintendent
Phone #: 801-977-4323

Dan Stucki - Assistant Superintendent
Phone #: 801-977-4319


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Bonneville IHC 2013

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