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Eastern Lake Mountains Target Shooting Plan Amendment:

The Bureau of Land Management Salt Lake Field Office is announcing a 30-day public comment period on an environment assessment analyzing alternatives for managing target shooting in the Eastern Lake Mountains area.

The BLM will host a public open house meeting Wednesday, May 11, from 6 to 8 p.m., in the reception room of the Talons Cove Golf Club, 2220 South Talons Cove Dr., in Saratoga Springs.  Participants will have the opportunity to gather more information and to leave comments.

Written comments can be submitted through May 16, 2016.

Please visit the BLM's Land Use Planning/NEPA Register to obtain the most recent updates and information. This project information can be navigated via a map search or by using a text search following this pathway: Utah>Salt Lake Field Office>EA>Eastern Lake Mountains Target Shooting Plan Amendment.


New camping fees at Little Creek Campground:

BLM will implement new camping fees at Little Creek Campground starting on April 15, 2016. From that date forward, the following camping fees will be charged:

Single site occupancy = $12 per night

Group site reservation = $65 per night

 Little Creek Campground group site          Little Creek Campground

                   Photo: BLM                                            Photo: BLM

The public will be able to reserve the group site in advance by contacting the Salt Lake Field Office at 801-977-4300. All collected fees are used directly for the operating costs at the campground, such as sanitation, site maintenance, customer service, administration, and law enforcement. The need for new fees developed due to increased operating costs over the years and was identified in the BLM Salt Lake Field Office Campground Business Plan. 

Feature Photo

Salt Lake Helitack Line Dig BLM Firefighter Travis Wade was the winner of the January 2016 photo contest for this shot of the Salt Lake Helitack Crew building fire line on the Murder's Creek Fire, a Type I incident in Oregon. Salt Lake Helitack is a nine-person crew.  The Crew consists of a Helitack Supervisor, Assistant Supervisor, two Squad Leaders, and five Helitack Firefighters.  Several additional Helitack Firefighter positions may be added when severity conditions exist.

The Salt Lake Field Office participates with interagency fire partners within eleven counties in northwestern Utah, covering over 3 million acres.  The field office fire program is a complex organization with responsibilities in suppression, planning, fuel hazard reduction, aviation, mitigation, and prevention.  Eighty-six percent of the State's population lives within the field office boundaries.







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The Salt Lake Field Office is located in the northwest corner of Utah and encompasses 3.3 million acres of public lands. Much of this area is part of the Great Basin region, a place of isolated mountain ranges separated by desert playas and wide sweeping sagebrush flats. 

This area is also a land of illusions, floating islands and vanishing water mirages. Almost touching the Utah-Nevada border are the Bonneville Salt Flats, a unique expanse of pure, white salt crust. This geological oddity is world-renowned as the location of international landspeed racing. Just south of the Salt Flats lies the Pony Express Trail, where young riders risked their lives from 1860-61 delivering the mail from Missouri to California in only 10 days.  [more] To learn more about opportunities on your public lands, please contact or visit our office.

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