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Is there still an open play area at Factory Butte?

Prior to the implementation of the new rules, the majority of the Factory Butte Area was open to cross country travel, except for North Cainville Mesa which was closed to OHV use. In the area that was open to cross country travel, users will now have to ‘stay on the trail’ on the extensive network of routes that have been designated. Swing Arm City area will still remain as an open play area and the North Cainville Mesa will remain closed.

What type of OHV access will I have in other areas at Factory Butte?

One of the primary means to protect OHV opportunities is the establishment of designated routes. This limits cross-country travel only to areas that can ecologically handle that kind of use. The 220 miles of designated trails in the Factory Butte area still provides access, while protecting the natural qualities that makes this area loved by recreationists.

Can I still camp in Coal Mine Wash?

Yes, camping will still be available at Coal Mine Wash. However, OHV users will not be permitted to ride OHVs in the surrounding hills. Dispersed camping is still available in some of your favorite places, provided this use does not cause impacts to the endangered cacti.

What additional facilities will be created?

The BLM recognizes the recreational values of Factory Butte and plans to increase its amenities to enhance visitors’ experience. Some amenities have already been developed including interpretive kiosks, toilet facilities, observation areas, and a staging area. BLM will continue to seek user’s input in determining other future improvements.

How can I get involved?

  • It is up to all visitors of the Factory Butte Area to ride by the rules and stay on designated routes when riding outside the open area. Doing your part will ensure your access to the Factory Butte Area in the future.
  • Respect the landscape and other recreational uses.
  • Contact the Henry Mountain Field Station, phone (435) 542-3461, if you have questions, comments, or would like to know more about opportunities to help improve the Factory Butte Area.
  • BLM will seek user’s input in determining other future improvements.