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Background Documents
Preparation Plan for the RMP
     Preparation Plan (2309 Kb)
Federal Register Notices
     Notice of Intent to Prepare RMP (29 Kb)
     Federal Register Notice--Call for Coal Resources (35 Kb)
Revised Notice of Intent  (38 Kb)
     Scoping Summary (197 Kb)
     What You Said: Selected Comments from the Richfield RMP Scoping (48 Kb)

Analysis of Management Situation (AMS)
         Cover Page (137 Kb)
         AMS Document (4830 Kb)

AMS Maps
Map 1 Land Surface Management Status (458 Kb)
Map 2 Planning Boundaries (231 Kb)
Map 3 Visual Resource Management Designations (334 Kb)
Map 4 Special Management Designations(247 Kb)
Map 5 Off Highway Vehicle Designations (300 Kb)
Map 6 General Vegetation (1055 Kb)
Map 7 Forest and Woodland Areas (552 Kb)
Map 8 Grazing Allotments (Richfield Field Office) (671 Kb)
Map 9 Grazing Allotments (Sanpete County) (105 Kb)
Map 10 Grazing Allotments (Sevier County) (135 Kb)
Map 11 Grazing Allotments Henry Mountains Area (439 Kb)
Map 12 Grazing Allotments Piute County/Antimony & Torrey Areas (134 Kb)
Map 13 Hydrologic Sub-Basins (371 Kb)
Map 14 303d Listed Waters (474 Kb)
Map 15 Average Annual Precipitation (312 Kb)
Map 16 Class I and Class II Air Quality Areas (240 Kb)
Map 17 Areas Susceptible to Wind Erosion (619 Kb)
Map 18 Areas Susceptible to Water Erosion (333 Kb)
Map 19 Wild Horse and Burro Herd Management Areas (207 Kb)
Map 20 Wilderness Study Areas (252 Kb)
Map 21 Federal Oil and Gas Leasing Categories (340 Kb)
Map 22 Federal Oil and Gas Leases (430 Kb)
Map 23 Coal Leases (437 Kb)
Map 24 Fire Management Categories (393 Kb)
Map 25 Paiute ATV and Great Western Trail Systems (419 Kb)
Map 26 3809 Mining Notices (219 Kb)
Map 27 Mineral Materials Sites (398 Kb)
Map 28 Selected Seasonal Wildlife Habitats (274 Kb)
Map 29 Elk Seasonal Habitat (259 Kb)
Map 30 Mule Deer Seasonal Habitat (367 Kb)

Socio-Economic Baseline Report
     Socio-Economic Baseline Report for the Richfield Field Office (1529 Kb)

Mineral Potential Report
     Cover Page (108 Kb)
     Executive Summary (76 Kb)
     Chapter 1 (108 Kb)
     Chapter 2 (148 Kb)
     Chapter 3 (574 Kb)
     Chapter 4 (118 Kb)
     References (131 Kb)
     Maps (16017 Kb)
     Attachments (6891 Kb)

Reasonable Foreseeable Development Scenario
     Reasonable Foreseeable Development Scenario For Oil and Gas (4098 Kb)
Wild and Scenic Rivers Review Eligibility Determination
     Wild and Scenic River Report, February 2004 (1857 Kb)
     Wild and Scenic River Eligibility and Tentative Classification Report, March 2005 
         (169 Kb)
Area of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC)
     Richfield ACEC Report, April 1, 2005 (877 Kb)
     Potential ACEC Map (7602 Kb)
     Nominated ACECs (7145 Kb)
Non-WSA Lands with Wilderness Characteristics Review Findings
Within the Richfield Field Office, the BLM evaluated 31 areas totaling 848,500 acres for their wilderness characteristics.  Of these areas, the BLM identified 682,600 acres in 29 areas as meeting the criteria for "non-WSA lands with wilderness characteristics".  More information regarding non-WSA lands with wilderness characteristics is available in Chapter 3 of the DRMP/DEIS and in the background documents below.
1999 Utah Wilderness Inventory and Revision
The 1999 Utah Wilderness Inventory was conducted by the Bureau of Land Management between 1996 and 1999 to determine whether certain public lands in Utah possess wilderness characteristics.  As a result of public comment and subsequent internal review of inventory files and field evaluations, adjustments were made to the boundaries of wilderness character areas identified in the 1999 inventory.  For information about these adjustments, please click on the Revisions to the 1999 Utah Wilderness Inventory
2007 Non-WSA Lands with Wilderness Characteristics
During the preparation of this Draft RMP, additional analyses of non-WSA lands with wilderness characteristics were completed in response to scoping.  Review findings are available below.
     Cane Spring Desert (20 Kb)
     Flat Tops (25 Kb)
     Henry Mountains (includes 17 non-wsa units) (88 Kb)
     Kingston Ridge (24 Kb)
     Labyrinth Canyon (30 Kb)
     Phonolite Hill (20 Kb)
     Pole Canyon/Hunter Spring (19 Kb)
     Robbers Roost Flats (30 Kb)
Rock Canyon (17 Kb)
     Rocky Ford (17 Kb)
     Sweetwater Reef (17 Kb)
     Wild Horse Mesa (22 Kb)
     Wildcat Knolls (717 Kb)


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