Fuels Management

The Richfield Fuels program is responsible for hazardous fuels management in Sanpete, Sevier, Wayne, and Piute counties; with a small portion of Garfield County.

Reducing and treating hazardous fuels is one of many key aspects in helping to protect communities from wildfires, while simultaneously restoring healthy forests and rangelands, watershed restoration, and enhancing natural habitats.

Fuels are considered any type of combustible material. The primary objective of hazardous fuels reduction or vegetation treatments is to remove enough of this fuel to reduce the risk posed by wildfire. In general, the Richfield Fuels program implements treatments to reduce surface fuels and/or maintain healthy rangelands. Treatments have proven to successfully lessen the severity and threat of wildfires to the public, firefighter safety, and natural resources as well as making fire suppression more effective.

Fuels treatments are typically achieved by using a broad range of tools to ensure on-the-ground condition are met to reduce and manage fuels. These include: mechanical thinning, prescribed fire, biological means, herbicide application, or a combinations of these methods. Before any of these tools are utilized, careful consideration is given to potential impacts. Federal land management agencies are required to analyze any fuel management technique and its impact to air quality, water quality, public safety, firefighter safety, threatened and endangered species and other endangered species and other environmental concerns. 

The Richfield Fuels Management program annually treats over 3,500 acres. BLM has begun proactively treating fuels to reduce the wildfire risk to communities and high value natural resources; however, there remains a significant amount of work to be done. It has taken a number of decades to create the current fuel management challenges that we now face and they will not be solved quickly or easily. 

Information on the Richfield Fuels projects can be found by clicking on specific areas of the map below.


Matt Madariaga - Fuels Specialist

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