Personal Flotation Device

Personal Flotation Devices (PFD) are required on the Desolation-Gray section of the Green River. 

Stipulation 7.b. adhere to the Utah Boating Act (title73, Chapter 18), which includes the wearing of life jackets where required (children ages 12 and under must wear PFD's at all times when boating on the river, and all persons must wear a PFD from Jack Creek Rapid to the take out).  

PFDs will be checked at Sand Wash.  Labels must be attached and legible.  Approved jackets will have some or all of the following wording:

U.S. Coastguard approved
Approved for paddling, whitewater, kayaking, canoeing
For all Recreational Use
Approved for all inland water uses

BLM advised against the use of type II jackets.

Children under 50 pounds must have a PDF that they cannot come out of.

Water Ski Jackets are NOT approved for whitewater rivers.