First Aid Kit Recommendations

Backcountry trips take place within the wilderness context i.e dialing 911 is not an option.   Groups must be prepared to deal with emergencies and care for the sick and injured for an extended period, from several hours up to several days. First aid kit contents should be commensurate with your level of skill and training in First Aid. 

Major First Aid Kits should contain items in the following groupings.

  1. Rescuer personal protection equipment
    Latex Gloves
    Eye Protection 
    Rescue breathing mask with one way valve
  2. Wound care and management
    Compresses both gauze and compression bandages
    Soap, disinfectant and instruments to clean and debride wounds
    Burn dressing and treatment
    Splinting materials
    Scissors/shears, tweezers, needles scalpel or razor blade
  3. Dental kit with floss, wax, oil of clove (optional but highly recommended).
  4. Medical
    Pain relief medication
    Stomach ache and diarrhea medications
    Topical anti rash preparations
    Drugs as prescribed for trip members.  Pay close attention to people with allergies, asthma and cardiovascular conditions.
    Allergy treatments
    Thermometer (hypo/hyperthermia)
  5. Any other equipment or supplies you are competent to use, willing to carry and applicable to the environment. If no one on your trip has the skills to utilize these items, you should re-evaluate your decision to undertake a backcountry trip.