Nine Mile Canyon - Guided Tour and Camping Info
Guided tours are available:
Guided tours are the recommended means to visit Nine Mile Canyon. Contact the Castle County Travel Council. The private company, South Paw Publications, (a non government website)offers non-camping, guided tours for small groups.
How to organize a group trip:
Discuss with the Price BLM office at 125 South 600 West, Price, UT 84501, telephone 435-636-3600, details of your proposed trip.  Include the name of the group, its nonprofit or commercial status, the number of people who will be visiting the Canyon, a map locating desired activities, dates of activities, and all other pertinent information.  The BLM must either issue a special recreation permit (SRP) or a letter of agreement before your trip.
Where to camp:
BLM does not allow camping on public lands within Nine Mile Canyon.  The only acceptable camping in Nine Mile Canyon is at the privately owned Nine Mile Ranch near the head of the canyon.  You may camp on other private land only at the express invitation of the land owner.  You may camp on public lands outside the canyon, on the plateau or side canyons, provided you are at least two road miles from Nine Mile Canyon.
About fire and firewood:
Open fires in the proposed National Historic District (most of the Canyon bottom and near all cultural sites) are prohibited.  Within the Canyon, firewood is almost nonexistant.  Visitors should use camp stoves or fire pans with wood or charcoal carried into the area, and must haul out charcoal and ashes.
On the benches above the canyon, in the pinyon-juniper areas and in the northern part of the Byway, dead and down wood can be collected.

Where to find help in the event of a medical emergency or vehicle breakdown:

Visitors must take responsibility for themselves in this remote Byway. There are no public telephones and private landowners should only be disturbed in extreme emergencies. However, the owners of the Nine Mile Ranch have offered to render assistance. Messages may be relayed by flagging down BLM and County officials, mineral personnel or other visitors. Search and rescue actions are the responsibility of the Carbon and Duchesne Sheriff's Departments.