Nine Mile Canyon - Know Before You Go
is an exciting journey into the history of prehistoric cultures, early travelers, and the fast-disappearing Utah rural lifestyle.  Magnificent canyon scenery, still home to an array of easily spotted wildlife also awaits your visit.

Your outing will be enhanced if you know...

*** Please be advised.  ***

During 2011-2012, 36 miles of the Nine Mile Canyon Road will be under construction for the purpose of improving the road to further protect cultural resources, improve drainage, and satisfy public safety standards.  W.W. Clyde Co. will be installing drainage pipe, widening the existing road, and hard surfacing the road using a double chip seal.  An environmentally friendly dust suppressant is being used on the road to control dust until the chip seal is applied.  Please expect delays in portions of the canyon until the project is completed.  Attached is a Fact Sheet containing more information concerning this project.


Where to find help in the event of a medical emergency or vehicle breakdown:

Visitors must take responsibility for themselves in this remote Byway.  There are no public telephones and private landowners should only be disturbed in extreme emergencies.  However, the owners of the Nine Mile Ranch have offered to render assistance.  Messages may be relayed by flagging down BLM and County officials, mineral personnel or other visitors.  Search and rescue actions are the responsibility of the Carbon and Duchesne Sheriff's Departments.