Price Record of Decision/Approved Resource Management Plan

After several years of hard work and collaborative efforts, the Price Field Office Resource Management Plan (Approved RMP) is complete. This document will provide guidance for the management of about 2,500,000 acres of Federal surface estate and 2,800,000 million acres of Federal mineral estate administered by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in Carbon and Emery Counties in central-eastern Utah.

Map R-1 General Location map of the Planning area 
Map R-2 Land Surface Management Status 
Map R-3 Riparian Habitat 
Map R-4 Vegetation Cover Type 
Map R-5 Visual Resource Management Classes 
Map R-6 Sage-Grouse Habitats 
Map R-7 Designated Critical Habitats for T&E Species and Other Wildlife Habitat Area Designations 
Map R-8 Big Game Crucial Habitats 
Map R-9 White-Tailed Prairie Dog Habitats 
Map R-10 Wild Horse and Burro Herd Areas and Herd Management Areas 
Map R-11 Non-WSA Lands with Wilderness Characteristics 
Map R-12 Forest and Woodland Management 
Map R-13 Recreation Opportunity Spectrum 
Map R-14 Special Recreation Management Areas 
Map R-15 Recreation Management Zones 
Map R-16 Large Group Areas 
Map R-17 Off Highway Vehicle Area Designation 
Map R-18 OHV Route Designation 
Map R-19 Parcels for Disposal through Sale (will be developed after the ROD based on Appendix R-11) 
Map R-20 Mineral Entry (Locatables) 
Map R-21 Utility Corridors 
Map R-22 Utility and ROW Exclusion and Avoidance Areas 
Map R-23 Oil Shale and Tar Sands Occurrence Potential 
Map R-24 Coal Available for Further Consideration for Leasing 
Map R-25 Fluid Mineral Leasing 
Map R-26 Energy Policy and Conservation Act 
Map R-27 Mineral Materials Disposal (Salable) 
Map R-28 Wilderness Study Areas 
Map R-29 Areas of Critical Environmental Concern 
Map R-30 Suitable Wild and Scenic Rivers 
Map R-31 Old Spanish Trail Route 
Map R-32 National Historic Landmarks and National Natural Landmarks 

  • RMP 5-Year Review

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  • RMP Maintenance Forms
    Records of Decision and Approved Resource Management Plans are maintained as necessary.  Maintenance actions reflect minor changes in data, as provided for in BLM regulation at 43 CFR 1610.5.4.  Maintenance is limited to further refining, documenting, or clarifying a previously approved decision incorporated in the plan.  Maintenance does not expand the scope of resource uses or restrictions or change the terms, conditions, and decisions of the Approved Resource Management Plan.  Plan maintenance is not considered a plan amendment.  Since its approval in October 2008, the Price Record of Decision and Approved Resource Management Plan has corrected minor data, typographical, acreage, mapping, or tabular data errors, among other things.   Plan maintenance must occur as needed so that the RMP and its supporting records reflect the current status of decision implementation and knowledge of resource conditions.

Maintenance actions adjusting White-tailed prairie dog habitat (October 2009).

Maintenance actions adjusting Stipulations for Surface Disturbing Activities.

Maintenance actions adjusting Gordon Creek Wildlife Management Area