Supplemental EIS
Desert Bighorn Sheep
The Supplement to the Draft Resource Management Plan/Draft Environmental Impact Statement describes and analyzes the impacts of a sixth alternative (Alternative E) for managing the public lands administered by the Price Field Office in northeast Utah. Alternative E gives emphasis to protection of non-Wilderness Study Area (non-WSA) lands with wilderness characteristics, but provides management recommendations to guide the multiple use management of all resources.
This document supplements the information contained in the Price Field Office Draft Resource Management Plan and Environmental Impact Statement (DRMP/DEIS) that was released for public review and comment in July 2004, and the ACEC Supplement released in June 2006. The DRMP/DEIS and this Supplement, constitute the complete Price Field Office DRMP/DEIS.
This Supplement to the DRMP/DEIS presents an analysis of the effects of managing non-Wilderness Study Area (WSA) lands with wilderness characteristics in a protective manner. The DRMP/DEIS did not consider this type of management. All non-WSA lands with wilderness characteristics in the Price Field Office are considered for protective management in this Supplement. Wilderness characteristics include the appearance of naturalness, outstanding opportunities for solitude or primitive and unconfined recreation, and size – areas generally 5,000 acres or larger.

The DRMP/DEIS presented five alternatives for managing the public lands and their resources, and analyzed the effects of each management approach. None of these alternatives addressed management to protect the wilderness characteristics of non-WSA lands. This Supplement analyzes a sixth alternative, Alternative E, which emphasizes protection of non-WSA lands with wilderness characteristics, and analyzes the effects of that management. Your comments on the adequacy and accuracy of the Supplement will assist the BLM in completing the planning process.