Segers Hole

Land Use Plan: Price Resource Management Plan
Acreage: 7,120
Date: October 2008
Values: Scenic
Management Guidance:
  • Oil and gas will be open to leasing subject to major constraints, such a no surface occupancy.
  • Closed to disposal of mineral materials.
  • Open to mineral entry with notice or plan of operations.
  • Avoided for rights-of-way grants.
  • Open to range improvements with special conditions.
  • Excluded from land treatments.
  • Excluded from private and commercial use of woodland products except for limited onsite collection of downed dead wood for campfires.
  • Visual Resource Management (VRM) Class I. VRM Class I areas are areas where only natural ecological changes and very limited management activities are allowed.
  • Subject to fire suppression activities with special conditions.
  • Limit off-highway vehicle use to designated routes.
The portion of the Segers Hole ACEC that is overlain by the Muddy Creek WSA will be managed in accordance with the Integrated Management Prescription (IMP), where the IMP is more restrictive than the prescriptions below.