Nine Mile Canyon

Land Use Plan: Price Resource Management Plan
Acreage: 26,200
Date: October 2008
Values: Cultural
Management Guidance:
  • Oil and gas will be open to leasing subject to major constraints, such as no surface occupancy. 
  • Split estate will be open to oil and gas leasing subject to minor constraints Visual Resource Management (VRM) Class II and III in selected areas as indicated on Map R-5 in the resource management plan. VRM Class II areas are areas where changes in any of the basic elements - form, line, color, texture - caused by a surface-disturbing activity should not be evident in the characteristic landscape. VRM Class III areas are where contrasts to the basic elements caused by a management activity may be evident, but should remain subordinate to the existing landscape.
  • Utility corridor will be allowed as shown on Map R-21 in resource management plan.
  • Limit off-highway vehicle use to designated routes.
  • Open to disposal of mineral materials.
  • Oil and gas development in the Nine Mile Canyon ACEC will be permitted after compliance with the National Historic Preservation Act.