Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry

Land Use Plan: Price Resource Management Plan
Acreage: 770
Date: October 2008
Values: Paleontological
Management Guidance:
  • Managed for protection and scientific use and public interpretation and education of the paleontological resources.
  • Collection of fossils will be allowed to those with a valid BLM-issued paleontological use permit.
  • Closed to all public access without authorization. Note: Paid use fee will be considered authorization.
  • Mountain bikes and off-highway vehicle use will be allowed on designated routes.
  • Camping will not be allowed.
  • The construction of facilities will be allowed for research, visitor safety, convenience, resource interpretation, and comfort.
  • Closed to disposal of mineral materials.
  • Recommended for withdrawal from mineral entry.
  • Collection of non-renewable resources such as fossils, rocks, mineral specimens, common invertebrate fossils, semiprecious gemstones, petrified wood, and mineral materials will not be allowed, per applicable law, policy, and regulation.
  • Hiking will be allowed only on developed interpretive trails; hiking off trails will be allowed for guided tours offered by BLM staff.
  • Unavailable to oil and gas leasing within the National Natural Landmark (NNL) boundary. Oil and gas will be open to leasing subject to major constraints, such as no surface occupancy, outside the NNL boundary and within the ACEC.