Big Flat Tops

Land Use Plan: Price Resource Management Plan
Acreage: 190
Date: October 2008
Values: Relict vegetation
Management Guidance:
  • Unavailable to oil and gas leasing.
  • Closed to the disposal of mineral materials.
  • Recommended for withdrawal from locatable mineral entry.
  • Excluded from rights-of-way grants.
  • Excluded from private or commercial use of woodland products except for limited onsite collection of downed dead wood for campfires.
  • Closed to livestock use.
  • Excluded from land treatment and range improvements except for test plots and facilities necessary for study of relict and near-relict plant communities.
  • Visual Resource Management (VRM) Class I. VRM Class I areas are areas where only natural ecological changes and very limited management activities are allowed.
  • Subject to fire suppression activities with special conditions.