Saddle and Pack Stock Use Permits


Llamas in a Cedar Mesa canyonA permit is required year-round for both day and overnight stock use in the canyons of Cedar Mesa. 

Cedar Mesa Stock Use Areas

Grand Gulch (Fee Area):

  • Areas open for overnight/day use:  Collins to Bullet/Grand Gulch junction, with entry at Collins and Government trailheads.
  • Areas closed:  Kane trailhead to Bullet trailhead and below the Collins confluence with Grand Gulch. 

Fish/Owl Canyons, Road Canyon, Lime Canyon (Fee Area):  Canyons accessed from Comb Wash. 

  • Areas open for overnight/day use:   Road Canyon, Lime Canyon, Mule Canyon south of U-95, Fish Creek Canyon from Comb Wash to confluence with Owl Canyon. 
  • Areas open for day use only:  Fish Canyon - from confluence with Owl Canyon to 2 miles up Fish Canyon.  Owl Canyon - from confluence with Fish Canyon to Nevill's Arch.
  • Areas closed:  Fish Canyon beginning 2 miles upstream from confluence with Owl Canyon.  Owl Canyon above Nevill's Arch.  

Lower Johns Canyon and Arch Canyon (Non-fee Area):  No day use fees are charged in these canyons.

Slickhorn Canyons, North/South Mule Canyons north of U-95:  These canyons are closed to stock use. 

Use Limits

No more than 1 overnight stock party at a time is allowed in any canyon on Cedar Mesa.  Grand Gulch is limited to only 1 stock trip at a time, day or overnight.

Overnight Stock Use Permits

Advance reservation permits are required for all overnight stock use and are available 3 months prior to your trip and no later than 3 weeks before your trip date.  They may be obtained by calling the Cedar Mesa Permit Office at (435) 587-1510, between 8:00 AM and noon (MDT) Monday through Friday.  Walk-in permits for overnight stock use are not available.

  • Advance reservations are issued on a first come first served basis.
  • Group size is limited to 12 people and 8 animals.
  • Payment is required at the time of reservation and can be made with a debit or credit card over the phone.
  • Reservation payments are non-refundable, however, cancellations received a minimum of 15 days prior to the trip start date may be issued a credit to be used the same calendar year.
  • All advance reservation permits must be picked up at the Kane Gulch Ranger Station, between 8:00 AM and noon (MDT) on the date of your trip, or 1 day prior.
  • All permittees must watch a 10 minute low impact video prior to obtaining a permit.

Day Stock Use Permits

Day stock use permits may be obtained in advance by calling the Cedar Mesa Permit Office.  They may also be obtained at self-pay fee tubes located at the trailheads, or at Kane Gulch Ranger Station during operating hours (8:00 AM to noon) in the spring and fall.  For self-pay fee tubes, payment may be made with cash or check.  Fees must be placed in the envelope and dropped into the fee tube, with the tear-off receipt placed on the vehicle dashboard so the permit number and dates are visible.  The permit covers all occupants of that vehicle only.

Use Fees

The following fee schedule is currently in effect for Cedar Mesa overnight backcountry permits:

 High Use Seasons: Mar 1 - June 15 and Sept 1 - Oct 31$8.00 per person per trip
 Low Use Seasons: Nov 1 - Feb 28 and June 16 - Aug 31$5.00 per person per trip





The following fee schedule is currently in effect for Cedar Mesa day use permits:

Per Person/Per Day$2.00Available at self-pay fee tubes or Kane Gulch Ranger Station.
7 Day Per Person$5.00Available at self-pay fee tubes or Kane Gulch Ranger Station.  For consecutive days only and may not be split for use later in the year.
Annual Pass$20.00Available at the BLM Monticello Field Office or Kane Gulch Ranger Station only.  Permit must be hung from the rearview mirror of the vehicle and covers the day use for the occupants of that vehicle only.

Use Stipulations

Click here to view Cedar Mesa saddle and pack stock use stipulations.

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