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Cedar Mesa Day Use Permits

A permit is required year-round for day use in the canyons of Cedar Mesa.  Day use permits are required for the following canyons and their tributaries; Grand Gulch, Slickhorn Canyon, Fish Canyon, Owl Canyon, North and South Forks of Mule Canyon, Road Canyon, and Lime Creek.  Visitation of Moon House ruin requires a seperate day use permit.  Day use permits may be obtained at self-pay fee tubes placed at the following trailheads  and locations, or at Kane Gulch Ranger Station during operating hours (8:00 AM to noon) in the spring and fall:Ruin on Cedar Mesa

  • Kane Gulch
  • Government Trail
  • Texas Flat Rd
  • Government/Slickhorn Rd
  • Lower Fish Canyon
  • Bullet Canyon
  • Cigarette Springs Rd
  • Sheiks Canyon
  • Fish/Owl Trailhead
  • Todie Canyon
  • Collins Canyon
  • Hole in the Rock Rd off U-95
  • Payment may be made with cash or check.  Fees must be placed in the envelope and dropped into the fee tube, with the tear-off receipt placed on vehicle dashboard so the permit number and dates are visible.  The permit covers all occupants of that vehicle only.

    Group size is limited to 12 people.

    Commercial groups, organized groups (school, church, scout group, club, etc.), and groups of 8 or more people must obtain an advance reservation for a day use permit.  They may be obtained by calling the Cedar Mesa Permit Office at (435) 587-1510, between 8:00 AM and noon (MDT) Monday through Friday.

    Day Use Fees

    The following fee schedule is currently in effect for Cedar Mesa day use permits:

    Per Person/Per Day


    Available at self-pay fee tubes or Kane Gulch Ranger Station.
    7 Day Per Person


    Available at self-pay fee tubes or Kane Gulch Ranger Station.  For consecutive days only and may not be split for use later in the year.
    Annual Pass


    Available at the BLM Monticello Field Office or Kane Gulch Ranger Station only.  Permit must be hung from the rearview mirror of the vehicle and covers the day use for the occupants of that vehicle only.

    Use Stipulations

    Click here to view Cedar Mesa use stipulations.

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    Last updated: 11-25-2013