The Monticello Field Office Releases the Record of Decision and Approved Resource Management Plan

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Monticello Field Office AreaThe Monticello Field Office is responsible for land use planning efforts on approximately 1.8 million acres of public lands in southeastern Utah.  In addition to the current Resource Management Plan (RMP) effort, other environmental documents are developed by the Field Office under the guidance of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). 

The Environmental Notification Bulletin Board  is a searchable list of proposals under consideration by the Utah Bureau of Land Management (BLM) that provides a brief description of proposed actions and identifies potentially affected or involved resources or values that are of interest to the public.

Information on all other proposals under consideration by the MonticelloField Office can be found on the Environmental Document Bulletin Board (ENBB).  Click here for information on how to search the ENBB.

Monticello NEPA