Valley of the Gods

Land Use Plan: Monticello Resource Management Plan
Acreage: 22,863
Date: November 2008
Values: Scenic
Management Guidance:
  • Managed as Visual Resource Management Class I. VRM Class I areas are where only natural ecological changes and very limited management activities are allowed. 
  • Unavailable for mineral leasing.
  • Closed to the disposal of mineral materials.
  • Available for mineral entry with an approved plan of operations.
  • Available for vegetation treatments when consistent with VRM Class I.
  • Unavailable for private and/or commercial use of woodland products.
  • The BLM will pursue acquisition of state in-holdings in this ACEC.
  • Off-highway vehicle use is limited to designated roads and trails
  • Rights-of-way exclusion area.
  • No campfires allowed.