Shay Canyon

Land Use Plan: Monticello Resource Management Plan
Acreage: 119
Date: November 2008
Values: Cultural
Management Guidance:
  • Off-highway vehicle (OHV) and mechanized travel limited to designated routes.
  • No surface disturbance for vegetation, watershed, or wildlife treatments/improvements.
  • No surface occupancy for oil and gas.
  • Open to geophysical exploration as long as it is consistent with the objectives of the ACEC.
  • Grazing restricted to trailing only.
  • With the exception of side canyons, hiking limited to designated trails.
  • Open to mineral entry with an approved plan of operations to avoid impacts to cultural and paleontological resources.
  • Closed to disposal of mineral materials.
  • Campfires not allowed.
  • Unavailable for private or commercial use of woodland products including on-site collection of dead wood for campfires.
  • Recreation use may be limited if cultural and paleontological resources are impacted.
  • Managed as Visural Resource Management (VRM) Class II. VRM Class II areas are where changes in any of the basic elements (form, line, color, texture) caused by a surface-disturbing activity should not be evident in the characteristic landscape. Contrasts must not attract attention.
  • Closed to camping.
  • Rights-of-way avoidance area.
  • A Cultural Resource Management Plan consistent with the goals and objectives of the Resource Management Plan (RMP) will be written for Shay Canyon ACEC and will not require a plan amendment to the RMP.