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San Juan River 

Land Use Plan: Monticello Resource Management Plan
Acreage: 4,321
Date: November 2008
Values:Scenic, cultural, fish and wildlife, natural systems and processes, and geologic features
Management Guidance:
  • Vehicle access, including off-highway vehicles (OHVs)/mechanized, limited to designated routes.
  • Unavailable for private and/or commercial use of woodland products except for limited onsite collection of dead wood for campfires; woodland use within the floodplain will be limited to collection of driftwood for campfires.
  • Available for livestock use October 1–May 31. Grazing must incorporate rest-rotation and/or deferred management systems. Riparian areas must meet or exceed proper functioning condition (PFC) to the extent affected by grazing.
  • Available for watershed, range, wildlife habitat improvements and vegetation treatments.
  • West Montezuma Creek to Private land managed as VRM Class II. VRM Class II areas are areas where changes in any of the basic elements (form, line, color, texture) caused by a surface-disturbing activity should not be evident in the characteristic landscape.
  • West of accreted land at Town of Bluff to River mile 9 managed as Visual Resource Management (VRM) Class III. VRM Class III areas are areas where contrasts to the basic elements caused by a management activity may be evident, but should remain subordinate to the existing landscape.
  • River mile 9 to river mile 23 (above Mexican Hat formation) managed as VRM Class I. VRM Class I areas are where only natural ecological changes and very limited management activities are allowed.
  • River mile 23.8 to river mile 28 managed as VRM Class III. VRM Class III areas are where contrasts to the basic elements caused by a management activity may be evident, but should remain subordinate to the existing landscape.
  • Available for oil and gas leasing subject to no surface occupancy.
  • Unavailable for mineral material disposal.
  • Recommended for withdrawal from locatable mineral entry.
  • Managed to limit recreation use if wildlife values are being adversely impacted.
  • Camping closed in areas as necessary to protect cultural, wildlife, and natural processes.
  • Designated access trails to cultural sites as necessary to protect cultural resources.
  • No camping in cultural sites.
  • Ropes and other climbing aids not allowed for access to ruins, cultural sites, and nesting raptors.
  • All areas intersected by the San Juan River Special Recreation Management Area (SRMA) are rights-of-way avoidance areas.