Lavender Mesa

Land Use Plan: Monticello Resource Management Plan
Acreage: 649
Date: November 2008
Values: Relict vegetation
Management Guidance:
  • Managed to provide a baseline for rangeland studies through research and experiments.
  • Excluded from land treatments or other improvements, except for test plots and facilities necessary for study of the plant communities, and restoration/reclamation activities.
  • Managed as no surface occupancy (NSO) for oil and gas leasing.
  • Closed to disposal of mineral materials
  • Available for locatable mineral entry with an approved plan of operations, subject to stipulations protecting vegetation on the mesa top.
  • No campfires allowed.
  • Managed to limit recreation use if vegetation communities are being adversely impacted.
  • Geophysical exploration allowed if it does not adversely impact vegetation communities.
  • Managed as VRM Class II. VRM Class II areas are where changes in any of the basic elements (form, line, color, texture) caused by a surface-disturbing activity should not be evident in the characteristic landscape.
  • Helicopter access allowed for scientific study and heliportable equipment.
  • Rights-of-way avoidance area.
  • Retained in public ownership.
  • Excluded from private or commercial use of woodland products, including limited on-site collection of dead wood for campfires.
  • Unavailable for livestock grazing, including grazing by saddle stock and pack animals allowed for access.
  • Excluded from wildlife habitat improvements.
  • Excluded from watershed control structures.
  • Appropriate management response to wildland fire in accordance with the Moab District Fire Plan.
  • Closed to off-highway vehicle (OHV) use.
  • Managed to limit recreation use if cultural resources or scenic values are being damaged.