Land Use Plan:Monticello Resource Management Plan
Acreage: 2,493
Date: November 2008
Values: Scenic, habitat, and cultural
Management Guidance:Hovenweep is designated as an ACEC with two special emphasis zones (Visual and Cajon Pond). This includes the 641 acres east of Hovenweep National Monument.

General Area Exclusive of Special Emphasis Zones

Management will emphasize maintaining the relevant and important cultural and historic values. When siting facilities, the primary objective will be avoidance of direct and indirect impacts to resources on or eligible for listing on the NRHP (historic properties). Avoidance may require that a facility be moved farther than allowed under standard lease terms and conditions. Siting may require coordination among BLM, State Historic Preservation Officer, and Utah Division of Oil Gas and Mining to ensure consistency with all applicable well spacing requirements.

Where the BLM authorized officer determines that avoidance of direct and indirect impacts to historic properties is not feasible and adverse effects may occur, the BLM will resolve those effects through development of appropriate mitigation measures and consultation under Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act. 

Additional measures such as fencing, camouflaging, sound muffling, etc. may be necessary to further avoid indirect and direct impacts caused by surface-disturbing activities.

  • Cultural properties eligible for the National Register of Historic Places will be surrounded by an avoidance area sufficient to allow permanent protection.
  • A Cultural Resource Management Plan consistent with the goals and objectives of the Resource Management Plan (RMP) will be written for Hovenweep ACEC, if necessary, and will not require a plan amendment to the RMP.
  • The area is available for mineral leasing subject to moderate constraints (CSU).
  • The area is available for geophysical exploration and mineral entry.
  • The area is unavailable for disposal of mineral materials.
  • The appropriate management response for wildland fire will be in accordance with the Moab District Fire Plan.
  • Off-highway vehicle (OHV) use is limited to designated roads/trails.
  • The area is excluded from private or commercial use of woodland products, except for limited on-site collection of dead wood for campfires.
  • Improvements for habitat, watershed and vegetation treatments could be considered.
  • Livestock use may be restricted if cultural resources are impacted.
  • The area is managed as Visual Resource Management (VRM) Class III. VRM Class III areas are areas where contrasts to the basic elements caused by a management activity may be evident, but should remain subordinate to the existing landscape.
Visual Emphasis Zone (880 acres)
The Visual Emphasis Zone which surrounds the west, south, and east sides of Hovenweep National Monument is managed in accordance with the general prescriptions and with the following special prescriptions:
  • No surface occupancy (NSO) for mineral leasing.
  • Excluded from watershed and vegetative treatments.
  • Rights-of-way avoidance area.
  • Managed as VRM Class II. VRM Class II areas are where changes in any of the basic elements (form, line, color, texture) caused by a surface-disturbing activity should not be evident in the characteristic landscape.
  • Livestock use may be restricted if cultural resources are impacted.
Cajon Pond Emphasis Zone (Habitat)
The Cajon Pond Emphasis Zone is approximately 1 acre within a fenced exclusion area in the northern part of the ACEC. It is managed in accordance with the general prescriptions and with the following special prescriptions:
  • Mineral leasing will also be in accordance with a controlled timing stipulation during the shorebird and waterfowl courtship and nesting season of March 1–June 30.
  • Excluded from livestock use.