Cattle Grazing on Public Lands

The Monticello Field Office administers grazing on 73 allotments of varying sizes on 1,760,580 acres of public lands throughout the Monticello Planning Area.  The Field Office also administers grazing on an additional 261,570 acres within six of these allotments that include lands within the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. Total active preference for all allotments is 78,796 AUMs (Animal Unit Months) of forage.  An AUM is the amount of forage needed to sustain one cow and one calf or one horse for one month.  All allotments are permitted for cattle use or cattle and horse use.  Season of use on the majority of the allotments is fall, winter and spring.  Some are for summer use and a few are year round permits. 

Use the link below to access Grazing Forms:

 Cattle Grazing