Fuels Management

Natural Bridges Fuels Treatment, Monticello Field OfficeThe Canyon County Fire Zone fuels management team provides expertise in the design, planning, implementation, monitoring, and maintenance of long-range measures to reduce the risk of hazardous fuels and to restore ecosystems to conditions representative of a more historic fire frequency and severity.  Hazardous fuels treatment projects throughout the Monticello Field Office may be designed for Wildland/Urban Interface (WUI) areas, important wildlife habitats, areas with invasive species such as tamarisk or cheatgrass, range projects, and for other resource needs.  Treatment activities can include prescribed fire, mechanical cutting, herbicide or biological applications, soil treatments, mulching, seeding, planting, and many others.  Information on Canyon Country Fire Zone fuels management projects and emergency stabilitation and rehabilitation (ESR) projects can be found by clicking on specific areas of the map below. 

Devil Canyon Project Peter's Point Project Tamarisk Project Monticello Field Office Fuels/ESR Projects