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Porcupine Rim

Purcupine Rim Mountain Bike Trail

Porcupine Rim is one of the iconic trails that made Moab a destination for mountain bikers. Porcupine Rim is really made up of three separate trails: LPS (Lower Porcupine Singletrack), the Porcupine Rim Trail, and the Porcupine Singletrack Trail, which ends near Negro Bill Canyon on Highway 128. These three trails make up the last 13.3 miles of the Whole Enchilada Trail, an epic 26.2 mile and 7,000 vertical foot downhill trail starting in the La Sal Mountains (Manti LaSal National Forest) and ending at the Colorado River. This ride is only for strong, advanced riders. Even with advanced skill, riders will still have to walk expert sections of trail. The lower sections of the trail can be by-passed by riding out the Sand Flats Road and ending in Moab. 

There are maps and signs at every junction in the system. Riders should bring their own maps for navigation. Maps are available as printouts off of this site or for purchase on waterproof paper at all local bike shops.

Trail Name

Trail Length (miles)

Trail Difficulty

Burro Pass (on USFS land)


Difficult Icon

Hazzard County (on USFS land)


Intermediate IconDifficult Icon

Kokopelli Leg (on USFS land)


Intermediate Icon

UPS (on USFS land)


Intermediate Icon



Difficult Icon

Porcupine Rim (4x4)


Difficult Icon

Porcupine Singletrack


Difficult IconDifficult Icon EXPERT

 Easy Easy Icon                                            Intermediate Intermediate Icon                              Difficult Difficult Icon

Riding Season:  For the Whole Enchilada: July to October,  For the BLM sections: March to November

Fees:  Free for the trail, $2 per rider if you ride out on the Sand Flats Road

Directions:  Most riders do the Whole Enchilada as a shuttle ride. The trail starts near Geyser Pass in the LaSal Mountains and ends just upstream of Grandstaff Canyon on Hwy 128.  In the early season many riders will start at the USFS/BLM boundary near the top of Sand Flats Recreation Area on the Sand Flats Road. A feeder trail connects the road to the top of the LPS Trail.

Contact Information:  Contact the Moab BLM at 435-259-2100, Contact the Manti-LaSal National Forest at 435-259-7155 and Contact Sand Flats Recreation Area at 435-259-2444 or go to the Sand Flats Recreation Area website.  

Porcupine Rim Bike Trail