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Hell's Revenge


Hell's Revenge

Hell’s Revenge consists of a six and one half mile roller coaster ride across the slickrock fins east of the town of Moab. It is extremely difficult, and recommended only for very experienced drivers with advanced equipment.

Hells Revenge Jeep Trail


Route Directions: From the center of Moab, travel east toward the Slickrock Trail (on the Sand Flats Road) for two miles. The entrance to Hell’s Revenge is just past the entrance station to the Sand Flats Recreation Area (entrance fee required). Travel on the route is one way (you will exit near Lion’s Back). As part of your entrance fee to Sand Flats, you will receive a visitor guide which includes a mileage log to the Hell’s Revenge trail.

Hell’s Revenge is clearly marked. Be sure to follow the yellow flame symbols painted on the rock. Hell’s Revenge crosses the Slickrock Trail as well as Search and Rescue routes for the Slickrock Trail. Do not get confused; stay on the Hell’s Revenge Trail.

Hell’s Revenge includes several optional obstacles such as the Escalator and the Tip Over Challenge. If you choose to watch other vehicles attempt these obstacles, please park in a way that does not destroy vegetation. In addition, please stay out of potholes as the water is very important to wildlife.

Hell’s Revenge exits south of the Sand Flats Entrance Station on the paved Sand Flats Road. Additional information can be found on the Sand Flats Recreation Area website.

Paleontological Resources

Paleontological resources are present in this area.

Please be cautious and considerate when observing dinosaur trackways in the area. Do not try to make your own plaster/rubber/cement casts of these footprints. Any disturbing, casting, rubber, or pouring anything into the dinosaur tracks is expressly forbidden under federal regulations [43 CFR 8365.1-5(a)(1)]. Your help in preserving these tracks for now and future generations is greatly appreciated.

Theft and vandalism to paleontological resources results in a loss to all of the people of the United States. Civil penalties include fines based on the value of the paleontological resource, and damage to the fossil as well as to the land. Criminal penalties include fines and/or imprisonment of up to five years.

Report looting or vandalism to a Bureau of Land Management Ranger or other local authority.