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Gemini Bridges


Summary: The route covers a region between Highways 191 and 313, reaches some grand vistas, and accesses numerous other routes. The highlight is the spectacular twin arch, called Gemini Bridges, on the rim of an arm of Bull Canyon.

Route Directions: From the center of Moab, travel north on Hwy 191 for 9.8 miles. Turn left to cross a cattleguard near an old ore car by the railroad tracks, cross the tracks, and turn left to follow the southerly dirt road paralleling the tracks. (Non-licensed vehicles must start here.) The main route soon veers right toward the cliffs, and steadily climbs the cliff slope to Little Canyon, the gap in the cliff rim. Stay with the best maintained route through upper Little Canyon. Turn right from the wash bottom area to climb the steep dugway. The route passes a gate and winds to higher levels, giving vistas in all directions. Stay with the main route as spurs leave to the left, and fork right at the intersection with Bull Canyon.

Gemini Bridges and Metal Masher Jeep Trails


As the trail winds still higher, ignore two spur trails to the left and watch for the "Y" junction that indicates that you are near Gemini Bridges. The Bridges themselves are 0.2 miles from the main route. You will need to walk this 0.2 miles to view the bridges. As you approach the canyon, you will see the deep hole that opens into the canyon wall, revealing the twin spans. Return up the spur route to the "Y" junction, and rejoin the main route. To return to Hwy 191, turn right and retrace your steps. By turning left, you can drive five miles and join Hwy 313, where a right turn returns you to Hwy 191, and a left heads for Dead Horse Point and Canyonlands National Park.