Travel Management Plan Maps

On October 31, 2008 the Assistant Secretary of the Interior signed the Moab Resource Management Plan (RMP).  In accordance with the RMP most of the Moab Field Office (MFO) is now limited to designated roads and trails. 

Below you will find two different indexes for travel maps of the MFO. These maps show the roads that are available for travel. Click on the index number next to the map to bring up the page for that area. 

The first index is for 11"x17" maps. There are 39 maps in the series. The same legend applies to all of the maps in this series and the link to the legend is included in the list next to the index. Each of these maps is approximately 4MB. The maps should be printed on 11"x17" paper to preserve scale.

The second index is for 24"x30" maps. There are 13 maps in the series. These maps vary in size from 11MB to 16MB. Each of these maps has a legend. Click on the index number next to the map to bring up the map for that area. The maps should be printed on 24"x30" paper to preserve scale. 

Index for 11" x 17" Travel Maps

Index for 11 x 17 Travel Maps



Page 39
Page 38
Page 37
Page 36
Page 35
Page 34
Page 33
Page 32
Page 31
Page 30
Page 29
Page 28
Page 27
Page 26
Page 25
Page 24
Page 23
Page 22
Page 21
Page 20
Page 19
Page 18
Page 17
Page 16
Page 15
Page 14
Page 13
Page 12
Page 11
Page 10
Page  9
Page  8
Page  7
Page  6
Page  5
Page  4
Page  3
Page  2
Page  1

Index for 24" x 30" Travel Maps

Index for 24 x 30 Travel Maps





Map 13
Map 12
Map 11
Map 10
Map 9
Map 8
Map 7
Map 6
Map 5
Map 4
Map 3
Map 2
Map 1


If you would like to download the complete set of one of these map series, they are available at the links below:

11" x 17" Moab Travel Plan Map Series  (Please note the file is 22 MB)

 24" x 30" Moab Travel Plan Map Series  (Please note the file is 27 MB)