Chicken Corners


ATVs on Chicken CornersSummary: The route travels the Colorado River Canyon just below Moab, follows a spectacular part of Kane Springs Canyon, climbs the Kane Creek anticline to Hurrah Pass, and descends to benches above the Colorado River. The route dead-ends about 400 feet above the river across from Dead Horse Point State Park.

Chicken Corners Jeep Trail


Route Directions: From Main and Center Streets in Moab, travel south on Main Street 0.6 mile. Turn right on Kane Creek Road. Follow it through two sweeping curves past its junction with 500 West Street and continue into the river canyon. When the pavement ends near Kane Creek Road(non-licensed vehicles must start here), continue on the good gravel road as it enters Kane Springs Canyon and follows the canyon, meandering at various levels above the creek. Continue with the good road as it crosses Hunters Creek.

Farther along, the canyon broadens, and you can see Hurrah Pass on the right. The gravel road changes to dirt at the ford of Kane Creek. (Do not attempt to ford in high water; the water can be window-deep following storms or heavy spring melts.) Beyond the ford, stay with the best-looking road as other routes leave to the left in the next half mile, and the road will bend toward the north and begin to ascend the cliffs below Anticline Overlook. The summit of this climb is Hurrah Pass. As the route winds
down the other side of the anticline, it shows more four-wheel-drive character.

The route leaves the cliffs on a gentler slope and drops into a wash bottom. Continue straight (out of the wash) where a spur trail leaves to the right and follows the rough wash bottom. Shortly after that, the route goes up the rocky slope to the right. It then swings close to the river on a bench above it. The route continues along the river benches, which are capped with fossil-bearing limestone, until it crosses a major wash. The route you see starting up this wash is the Lockhart Basin route. You follow the main trail straight across the wash and wind along the benches as they grow higher above the water. The point where the trail is pinched between rocks on the left and the abyss on the right is "Chicken Corners" where Moab area guides were reputed to allow "chicken" passengers to walk, rather than ride, past the narrow, sloping section of route. This is the end of the spectacular Chicken Corners route. Retrace your tracks to return to Moab.