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Equestrian Use
Horseback Riding

Riding on road to Fisher Towers

The Moab Field Office provides an inviting venue for horseback riding. Horseback riders have several established trails that are regularly used. See below for a description of these trails. In addition, horseback riders are free to go on any dirt road, or travel cross country. The terrain of the Moab area makes cross country travel somewhat difficult, however, as the land is dissected with cliffs and canyons. 

The Moab Field Office maintains group campgrounds with rustic equestrian facilities at Onion Creek, Lone Mesa and Ken's Lake. Equestrians are requested to feed weed-free hay to pack and saddle stock while using BLM land. Although horses are not restricted to designated roads and trails, resource damage is lessened when all riders stay on the same route.

Allow 4 hours
Terrain: Dirt and gravel road

Land: BLM
Directions to the trail: Go north from Moab on Hwy 191 and turn right onto Hwy 128. Turn right on a road marked Onion Creek at mile marker 20. Go 0.7 miles to a parking area.  The horse campground is at the end of the first spur to the left, 0.6 miles from Highway 128. The 12 mile trail loop goes up a dry wash just before the parking area. The trail is signed. Click here for a map of the trail.
Riders also have other opportunities in the Onion Creek area, including riding in the wash, and on the main road (when traffic allows).

Allow 4.5 hours
Terrain: Sandy Wash
Land: BLM
Directions to the Trail: Go nine miles north of Moab on Hwy 191.  Turn west onto Hwy 313, travel about 2.5 miles and park on the south side of the highway. The parking area is flat, and there is plenty of room to turn around. (If you start to climb a hill on Hwy 313 you have gone too far). Ride down the dirt road and follow the canyon to the south.Follow the old route up the wash, staying in the main canyon. Side canyons are impassable, and impossible to ride. The dirt road is closed to vehicles at 2.2 miles, but horseback riders may continue up the canyon. At the end of the canyon is a grotto, which usually has a pond. The water is not for human consumption.

Allow 2 hours
Terrain: Sand and Sandstone
Land: BLM

Directions to the Trail: Go South from Moab on Hwy 191 and turn left at mile post 118 onto Old Airport Road. Turn right onto Spanish Valley Drive at 0.5 miles. Then turn left to Ken's Lake, and continue past the campground entrance 0.2 miles to the trailhead on the south side of the road. Park here.
From the parking area, ride towards the lake and cross the creek. Follow the old route between the lake and the red cliffs to the east. The sandy parts of the old route are a good place for a loop. As you pass the lake there is a road turning left to loop around the lake. Alternately, you can continue north and explore the ridges below the cliffs.
Horseback riders also enjoy riding areas west of Utah Highway 313 and the Canyon Rims Recreation Area. The Moab area has a county-managed equestrian center. More information about the equestrian center and about horseback riding in the Moab area is found at the Moab Travel Council’s website: