Moab Daily Access Program

Access Program for the Moab Daily 
Section of the Colorado River 
and the
Lower Dolores (Gateway to Dewey Bridge)

Who: Adaptive sports organizations, educational or institutional entities

What: Exciting river trips and camping opportunities

When: 2016 season, February 29 through November 6

Where: Moab Daily section of the Colorado River (Cisco to Castle Creek) and the Lower Dolores River (Gateway to Dewey Bridge)

Why: The Moab Daily (Cisco to Castle Creek section) is a highly desired recreational opportunity. This section offers a fabulous combination of scenery and challenge with minimal logistics--it's in close proximity to Moab, Utah. The lower Dolores is a remote river stretch with unpredictable flows and a lengthy shuttle.

Map and Camping Information for the Moab Daily

Map of the Dolores River

Moab Daily

How to apply:


Applications for use under this program must be received by the Moab Field Office by February 2, 2016.


The application materials may be sent by any of the following methods:

  • Email completed forms to
  • Fax completed forms to 435-259-2158
  • Mail completed forms to: Jennifer Jones, BLM, 82 East Dogwood, Moab, UT 84532

Once the application deadline is closed, there will be no additional applications accepted.


1.    BLM form 2930-1 application form

2.    Operating plan (may submit your own document)

3.    Supporting documents (certificates, guide licenses, company registration, etc.)

4.    Program information (is adaptive equipment used, existing programs, etc.)

5.    A certificate of liability insurance listing the United States Department of the Interior – Bureau of Land Management as additionally insured.


Access Program Specifics:


There are short duration, non-overlapping use permits (minimum of two days or maximum of one week, Monday to Sunday) beginning Monday February 29, 2016 and ending Sunday November 6, 2016. Applicants may request up to three, non-consecutive time periods as part of this program. The applicant should list their three requested periods in order of desired priority.




The Moab BLM is partnering with Utah State Parks, Utah Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands and Utah Outfitters and Guide Organization to offer this unique opportunity.




Adaptive sports groups, educational non-profit or institutional entities that are awarded use through this Access Program are required to meet all State of Utah boating safety, insurance, ‘carrying passengers for hire’  (click on "Carrying Passengers for Hire/Outfitters") and resource protection laws. For more information contact:

Becky McBride

Utah State Parks and Recreation


In addition, those entities awarded launches are required to abide by the Moab BLM river stipulations. A post use report must be submitted to the Moab BLM within 30 days after the last trip is complete.


In an effort to support this program, the Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands has waived their $200 Right of Entry fee. All entities that are awarded use through this program must submit the following to: 

Margo Leech
Utah Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands

1165 South Highway 191, Suite 6
Moab, UT 84532



1. Right of Entry application

2. $50.00 check to Forestry, Fire and State Lands for the non-refundable application fee (R652-41-700)

3. Proof of liability insurance for $1 million identifying Forestry, Fire and State Lands as co-insured



The BLM fee is $5.00 per person/per day.


No renewal rights or status in excess of the specified permit duration would be recognized under this Access Program for participating entities.