Accessible Recreation Facilities in the Moab Field Office

The Moab Field Office has accessible facilities at many of its recreation sites; examples include: 

• Takeout Beach facilities include walkways, toilets, a shade shelter and boat ramps.

Big Bend Campground offers shade shelters, a walkway to the Colorado River, toilets and additional walkways throughout the core of the campground, and two fully accessible campsites.

Dewey Bridge Campground has accessible campsites and a paved pathway to the river's edge.

• Gold Bar Campground is an accessible facility. This facility, which can serve up to 180 campers, has walkways, toilets, picnic tables, and fire grills, as well as three large accessible shade shelters.

• Needles Overlook has two 600 foot-long paved walkways leading to panoramic viewpoints. Additional acessible facilities include the parking area, toilets, and a two-site accessible picnic area. The longer trail to the end of the point was also improved for ease of access.

• Accessible walkways are available at numerous toilet facilities throughout the Moab Field Office, and all new toilets are constructed to accessible standards.

• Paved paths totaling eight miles in the North Moab Recreation Corridor and along the Colorado Riverway are available for use by hand-power bicyclists and walkers who need paved pathways.