Special Recreation Permit Application Insurance and Liability

The name on the insurance policy or certificate of insurance must be the same as the name on the permit.

A personal injury and comprehensive public liability insurance policy is required of all activities and events.

Certificates of liability insurance must list the United States Department of the Interior – Bureau of Land Management as an ADDITIONALLY INSURED. If your insurance provider needs a physical address we are located at 82 East Dogwood, Moab, UT 84532

Are you self insured?

Federal and state government agencies that are self-insured are not required to obtain private insurance. In lieu of a certificate of liability insurance, provide a letter from the risk manager, comptroller or authorizing official that the activity is in fact agency-sponsored and the sponsoring federal or state agency accepts liability.

The permittee must submit a valid certificate of insurance covering the authorized activity prior to initiating operations.

General Guidelines for Minimum Insurance Requirements


SRP Event or Activity



Per Occurrence


Per Annual Aggregate


Low Risk: general non-competitive and non-commercial activities such as group camping, group activities, mounted orienteering, backpacking, or dog trials.








Moderate Risk: whitewater boating, horse endurance rides, OHV events, mountain bike races, rock climbing (with ropes), ultra-light outings, rodeos, hunting








High Risk: bungee jumping, speed record events, unaided rock climbing




$2,000,000 - $10,000,000