Special Recreation Permit Application Deadlines and Special Regulations



Commercial river outfitting: The 2008 Resource Management Plan allocates commercial river permits on all river sections administered by the Moab Field Office (which includes Westwater Canyon and Cisco to Castle Creek on the Colorado River and the Gateway to Dewey section of the Dolores River). No permits for conducting commercial river trips are available on these sections.

Permits are available for Labyrinth Canyon of the Green River.

Land based commercial outfitting and guiding: There is no allocation on land based permits at this time. Due to high demand it is necessary to submit your permit application and an operating plan a minimum of two months prior to your desired operating date. Be advised that time is required in order to process your application and complete an environmental analysis. Dependent upon the type and complexity of use, the BLM may take up to 180 days to process your proposal.

Organized group activities: Special Recreation Permits (SRP) may be required for organized activities. Please contact the office to discuss the specifics of your proposed activity: 435-259-2100.

Any group that has 25 vehicles or more is required to obtained an SRP (ATVs, bikes, jeeps, motorcycles, skateboards, unicycles, UTVs etc.)

Competitive events: All competitive events require an SRP.  All competitive event applications and operating plans must be submitted by June 1 of the year prior to the event.  For an example an event scheduled for April of 2017 must be submitted and in process by June 1 of 2016.

Spring and fall are very busy in the Moab area. Priority for consideration of new permitted competitive events for new competitive events will be given to proposals that meet the following criteria:

1) events proposed to occur in November, December, January or February

2) events that do not duplicate existing activities

3) events that utilize facilities off public lands for overnight accommodation of guests

4) events that utilize previously impacted staging areas and trailheads


Other factors considered when deciding whether or not to issue permits for new events include public demand for the proposed use, the capability of the applicant to carry out the proposed use, projected government revenues, and past performance.