Colorado River, Moab Daily
The Moab Daily and Dewey Bridge to Hittle Bottom Colorado River - Moab Daily

This stretch of the Colorado features easy boater access, close proximity to the city of Moab, moderate rapids, and wonderful scenery. Highway 128 follows the river here.

Private permit required: No for private use, but Yes for commercial use.  List of approved outfitters

Time: 1 or 2 days

Length: 13 miles from Hittle Bottom to Takeout Beach (the Moab Daily) and 7.5 miles from Dewey Bridge to Hittle Bottom

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The "Moab Daily" is a 13-mile section of the Colorado River that runs from Hittle Bottom to Takeout Beach. Depending on time of season and water level, you will encounter rapids on this section ranging from Class I to Class III. Current streamflow conditions are available on the U.S Geological Survey website. The "Daily" is considered Utah's most popular river trip and is ideal for a short adventure, a group outing, a first river trip, or an overnight camping trip. Utah State Sovereign Lands administers use of the Colorado River downstream of Castle Creek, which is 9 miles past Hittle Bottom. However, the BLM maintains river access facilities along the entire "Daily" stretch, including Hittle Bottom, Rocky Rapid (a.k.a. Ida Gulch), Sandy Beach, and Takeout Beach.

Map and Camping Information for the Moab Daily

For those wanting a longer trip, the 7.5 mile Dewey Bridge to Hittle Bottom stretch of the Colorado River offers flat water and great views. Roughly half of the trip is within sight of Fisher Towers and the La Sal Mountains. There is a developed, but steep, boat ramp at the Dewey Bridge Campground (please use caution with vehicles here) and there is adequate boater parking available. No fee is charged for use of this boat ramp. The Dewey Bridge Campground is located along Highway 128, 28 miles from its junction with Highway 191. There are 7 campsites at the campground that accommodate small RVs as well as tents. 

Special regulations apply for river runners wishing to camp along this section of the river. On river left (to the left as you are facing downstream), camping is allowed only at BLM Utah, Moab Field Office Campgrounds. River runners may camp at designated sites on river right (to the right as you are facing downstream) only between Dewey Bridge and Salt Wash (the boundary of Arches National Park). When camping along river right, you must:

  • Use a washable, reusable toilet system that allows for carry-out and proper disposal of solid human waste
  • Pack out all trash and dispose of it properly
  • Use a durable metal fire pan to contain your campfire. Check on local fire restrictions prior to your trip

If  you have questions, please call (435) 259-2100.