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Dolores River High Water Advisory

Dolores River Advisory

Several of the named rapids along the lower Dolores (Gateway to Dewey Bridge) have changed and the following advisory is intended to notify you so that you and your group may make an informed decision as to whether you choose to undertake the challenge.

Diversion Dam Rapid

Diversion Dam Rapid

Diversion Dam Rapid (river mile 144.5) has been manipulated and you may want to scout on river left. The left bank and boulder slot still exist but are a bit different than in previous years.

Stateline Rapid (river mile 148.5) Scouting is advised. It would be best to attempt this rapid early in the day.

   Left Channel of Stateline Rapid

The river left portion remains rocky and challenging. Travel lightly to allow for flexibility and options (smaller boats and minimal weight is a good idea due to the shallow and rocky nature of the lower Dolores River).

Right Channel of Stateline Rapid

The upper river right portion of Stateline is now choked with large boulders and debris. The river right flow pushes towards a concrete structure. 

  • Many options exist. Line boats over the concrete structure on river right, portage - preferably on river left, or pick the line that looks best to you.
  • Carry river rescue gear such as a Z-drag set-up/ equipment and 300' line (keep all options open)
  • Discuss strategies and contingency plans with all members of your group
  • Communication is essential
  • There are roads on both sides of the rapid. The river left option may be a better walk
  • Be prepared for self rescue. In the event of a true emergency, contact Grand County Sheriff 435-259-8115 (if in Utah) or Mesa County Sheriff 970-244-3200 (if in Colorado).
  • For non-emergencies such as a wrapped boat, please contact the following agencies to notify them of the situation and that all individuals are safe:

         Moab BLM: 435-259-2100
         Grand County Sheriff: 435-259-8115
         Mesa County Sheriff: 970-242-6707