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River Use Stipulations for Labyrinth Canyon

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2014 River Use Stipulations
 for Private and Non-Commercial Use 
Labyrinth Canyon of the Green River

Trips may be delayed or terminated if regulations are violated. Failure to comply may also result in criminal and/or civil penalties under Federal or Utah law. Permits are required for all river trips in Labyrinth Canyon. 

1.  The permittee must allow rangers to inspect the permit and required equipment, and to orient the participants about river safety and etiquette. Upon request, the permittee must present the non-transferable permit along with a photo ID. 

2.  The permit must list any sponsor, affiliated organization (e.g., scout troop, school, etc.) associated with the trip.

3.  The trip must be non-commercial. No person or organization may make money or increase their net worth as a result of this trip. No fees may be collected in excess of actual trip expenses.

4.  The permittee must have:

A. a group size of 25 or less,

B. a washable, leak-proof, reusable toilet system that allows for the carry-out and disposal of human feces via an authorized sewer system. The toilet(s) must be of adequate size for the group size and trip length, and

C. a durable metal fire pan at least 12-inches wide, with at least a 1.5 inch lip around the outer edge and sufficient to contain fire and remains. Fire pans must be carried on all overnight trips.

5.  There shall be a proper-size, serviceable Type I, II, III or V PFD readily available for each person.  Persons 12 years and under must wear their PFD at all times on the water. 

6.  Each vessel shall have a spare means of propulsion. Low capacity vessels under 16-feet in length (kayaks, canoes, inflatable kayaks) carry spare paddles as follows:  1-3 vessels require 1 spare paddle, 4-6 vessels require 2 spare paddles, 7 to 9 vessels require 3 spare paddles, etc.

7.  A bailing bucket or bilge pump (does not apply to self-bailing boats, kayaks with spray skirts and inflatable kayaks). 

8.  Each boat 16-feet long or longer must have immediately available a Type IV throwable PFD or a commercially made river throw bag with a minimum 40 feet of line.

9.  Adhere to the Utah Boating Act (Title 73, Chapter 18) including registration of motorized boats, required equipment, and operational requirements. 

10.  The permittee must ensure that all trip participants: 

A. carry all charcoal, fire ash, garbage, trash, human and pet feces out of the canyon. Leaving human or pet feces in the canyon, or dumping it into restrooms or trash receptacles at public facilities is prohibited. Gray water, strained free of solids, and urine should be discharged into the main stream of the river.

B. do not remove, damage or destroy archaeological, historical or ecological resources or mark or deface any rock surface, trees or other vegetation.

C. launch, travel (stay in visual contact), and camp together as a group.  Groups launching separately may not camp together if such action would result in more than 25 persons occupying a camp.

D. limit firewood gathering to river driftwood only and keep fully contained fires in the fire pan.