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Evacuation Procedures - Labyrinth Canyon of the Green River

Should a member of your party have an injury which requires medical attention, three means of transportation are available:

1.  When time is not a factor and the injury would not be further compounded by river travel, evacuation by river is usually the best.  Above Trin Alcove Bend, Green River State Park, Crystal Geyser or Ruby Ranch are the most likely places to access help. Below Trin Alcove Bend, plan to continue on to Mineral Bottom.

2.  When time becomes a factor with increasing severity of the injury the river can be accessed by vehicle at Green River State Park (river mile 120), at the cable crossing (river mile 1182), Crystal Geyser (river mile 1152), Little Valley (river miles 115 through 1102), McCarty Bottom (river mile 108), Ruby Ranch (river mile 96). The few vehicle access points between Ruby Ranch and Mineral Bottom are seldom-used jeep trails which may be impassible.

3.  Should the injury be very severe (life-or-death situation) and time is a critical factor, or when body movement during evacuation must be limited (i.e., severe head, neck, back or broken femur (thigh injury), a helicopter should be considered. In most cases, the injured party will be billed for helicopter evacuation. When possible, a large, flat area should be chosen for the helicopter to land. The area should be marked with bright-colored material forming a cross, to help spot your location from the air.

Call 911 or the local sheriff's department first.

They are equipped to handle emergencies quickly and efficiently.

Emery County Sheriff:  
Green River, Utah 435-564-9669
Castle Dale, Utah 435-748-2404; or dial "O"
Grand County Sheriff:
Moab, Utah 435-259-8115

Air Life
Saint Mary's Hospital
Grand Junction, Colorado
24-hour toll-free number 1-800-525-4224
Flight for Life
University of Utah Medical Center
Salt Lake City, Utah
24-hour toll-free number 1-800-662-0050

Intermountain Life Flight
Intermountain Medical Center
Murray, Utah
24-hour toll-free number 1-800-321-1911
Bureau of Land Management
Moab, Utah (435)259-2100