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Moab Resource Management Plan

After several years of hard work and collaborative efforts, the Moab Field Office Resource Management Plan (Approved RMP) is complete. This document will provide guidance for the management of over 1,821,000 acres of public land and 1,850,000 million acres of Federal mineral estate administered by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in Grand and San Juan Counties in southeastern Utah. 

Moab Field Office Resource Management Plan 

Record of Decision/Approved Resource Management Plan
Biological Opinion 
Map 1 Moab Planning Area
Map 2 Designated Routes
Map 3 Designated Motorcycle/ATV Routes
Map 4 Designated Mountain Bike Single Track Trails
Map 5 Existing Withdrawals from Mineral Entry
Map 6 Utility Corridors
Map 7 Lands Identified for Disposal
Map 8 Grazing Allotments
Map 9 Desert Bighorn Sheep Lambing, Rutting and Migration Habitat
Map 10 Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep Habitat
Map 11 Areas Not Available for Livestock Grazing
Map 12 Oil and Gas Leasing Stipulations
Map 13 Known Potash Leasing Areas
Map 14 Salable Minerals Sites
Map 15 Non-WSA Lands Inventoried for Wilderness Characteristics
Map 16 Non-WSA Lands Managed for Wilderness Characteristics
Map 17 Special Recreation Management Areas
Map 18 Recreation Focus Areas
Map 19 Steep Slopes (over 30 Percent) in Bookcliffs
Map 20 Moderate to High Saline Soils
Map 21 Areas of Critical Environmental Concern
Map 22 Suitable Wild and Scenic Rivers
Map 23 Wilderness Areas and Wilderness Study Areas
Map 24 Endangered Colorado River Fish Critical Habitat
Map 25 Mexican Spotted Owl Habitat
Map 26 Bald and Golden Eagle Habitat
Map 27 Sage Grouse Habitat
Map 28 Prairie Dog Sensitive Species Habitat
Map 29 Ferruginous Hawk and Burrowing Owl Habitat
Map 30 Off Highway Vehicle Designations
Map 31 Visual Resource Management
Map 32 Pronghorn Habitat
Map 33 Deer and/or Elk Habitat
Map 34 Areas Not Available for Woodland Harvest and Wood Cutting

RMP Maintenance

Records of Decision and Approved Resource Management Plans are maintained as necessary.  Maintenance actions reflect minor changes in data, as provided for in BLM regulation at 43 CFR 1610.5.4.  Maintenance is limited to further refining, documenting, or clarifying a previously approved decision incorporated in the plan.  Maintenance does not expand the scope of resource uses or restrictions or change the terms, conditions, and decisions of the Approved Resource Management Plan.  Plan maintenance is not considered a plan amendment.  Since its approval in October 2008, the Moab Record of Decision and Approved Resource Management Plan has corrected minor data, typographical, acreage, mapping, or tabular data errors, among other things.   Plan maintenance must occur as needed so that the RMP and its supporting records reflect the current status of decision implementation and knowledge of resource conditions. The following link will take you to the RMP Maintenance Forms.

Moab Field Office 2015 Land Use Plan Evaluation Report

Moab RMP Evaluation 2015

Moab Field Office 2015 Land Use Plan Evaluation Report