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Threatened and Endangered Species

Humpback Chub

There are six animal and one plant species listed as T&E in the Moab Field Office area: Mexican spotted owl, southwestern willow flycatcher, Colorado squawfish, razorback sucker, humpback chub, bonytail, and Jones' cycladenia. The black-footed ferret was found in the area historically, and the Cisco Desert is being considered for a transplant site.

The Colorado and Green Rivers are designated critical habitat for the four endangered fish species. Westwater Canyon is one of the best remaining habitats for humpback chub. Several thousand bonytail have been experimentally released into the Colorado River in the last two years.

One Mexican spotted owl territory has been verified in the field office area, and many potential areas remain to be surveyed. In southern Utah, the Mexican spotted owl is a bird of the canyons, nesting in crevices rather than in old growth. The status of the southwestern willow flycatcher in this area is still unclear. Willow flycatchers are frequently found in dense willow stands along the Colorado River and its tributaries during early summer, but so far, nesting has not been documented. 

Jones' cycladenia is a member of the dogbane family that grows on Cutler formation and Chinle soils in the Castle Valley and Professor Valley area.

The recently de-listed bald eagle also resides in the Moab Field Office. There are three bald eagle nests on the Colorado River, and a sizeable wintering population is found along major rivers and in the Cisco Desert.

BLM's program for T&E species consists of inventory and monitoring, habitat management, and Endangered Species Act compliance (Section 7 consultations with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service). Moab Field Office has active inventory and monitoring programs for the four listed bird species. Endangered fish studies are conducted by Utah Division of Wildlife Resources and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. BLM is also working with other agencies on conservation agreements to restore Colorado cutthroat trout, bluehead sucker, roundtail chub and flannelmouth sucker, all of which are Utah BLM sensitive species.